Edited by: Mohamad Reza Tahmasabpour, Maan publishing, 2023

In the past two to three decades, attention to the richness of Iran’s photography history, by examining photos and visual sources as well as books and manuscripts related to Qajar era photography, has been the focus of academic researchers and lecturers in Iran and abroad. Various reference books and articles have been written in this field. Now, the history of photography in Iran is one of the amazing and noteworthy centers of interest in scientific gatherings related to the history of photography in the world.

This book has been compiled keeping in mind the mentioned points and the fact that it will serve as a reference for students and interested parties as well as a basis for new theoretical discussions about the history of photography in Iran from the point of view of domestic and foreign researchers with various approaches and an interdisciplinary perspective. It cannot be doubted that the viewpoints presented in this book, in addition to providing knowledge about the genealogy of photography and its beginning in Iran, also raise questions relevant to the fields related to the history of photography in Iran and its functional and practical aspects. And also some possible answers to these questions.

:Names of book articles, authors and translators; As follow

180years of photography in Iran / Mohammad Reza Tahmasabpour

The First Daguerreotype photography in Iran / Shahriar Adle

Photo in the memories of Naser-al-din Shah / Madjid Abde Amin

Two painters, two photographers; Two illustrators / Niayesh Pourhasan

Architectural photography in Qajar era Iran / Kamran Safamanesh, Babak Mofidi

In this frame, there is no place for you / Afsane Kamran

Death on Display / Mira Xenia Schwerda / Translated by: Zahra Amirhajlo, Amir Motesharee, Peyman Khani, Zeinab Tamssoki

Self-presence in the mirror, metaphors for becoming an individual / Amirhoshang Lellahi

Rokh Nagareh: From Citizen King to Sultan-e Sahibqaran / Shabahang Kowsar

The Crowned father of house / Soheila Shams

From Narrating to Constructing a Visual Memory: The Role of Photography in the Iranian Constitutional Revolution / Elahe Helbig/ Translated by: Alireza Baharlou, Amir Motesharee, Peyman Khani

Greetings from Shiraz, the city of the purest air and clearest sky in the world … / Corien J.M. Vuurman/ Translated by: Amirhosein Kardounee, Mojgan Taj Aldini

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